The MacBook Liberation Project

About the project

The MacBook Liberation Project aims to make multiple MacBook models fully compatible with the Coreboot project. Removing the proprietary Apple + Intel firmware and replacing it with freedom respecting boot firmware.

MacBook Air 5,2

Liberated laptops are important for user freedom. At the moment, not many laptops are supported by Coreboot or freedom respecting distributions. Rugged Thinkpads that are supported may not be the laptop for everyone. This is why it's important to bring support to laptops with very different characteristics. This project aims to do precisely that and bring freedom to the Apple MacBook.

A lot of progress has already been made to make these models compatible with Coreboot, the only missing piece is the right configuration for memory management, of which without, the system can not operate.

Project Basis

The project builds on the work of many Coreboot developers, but in particular Ch1p who has made these specific models compatible with Coreboot. Check out his blogpost for more information. This projects aims to finish Ch1ps project by completing the work of including all SPD configurations. After which these models can also be supported by Libreboot.

Target audience

Anyone who owns or wants to own one of these MacBook models and values freedom, privacy and security benefits from this project. Because these models support internal flashing, even novice users should be able to use the MacBooks in freedom once the project is completed.

Supported Models

The following MacBook models are the targets for this project:

  • Macbook Air 4,2 A1369
  • Macbook Air 5,2 A1466
  • Macbook Pro 10,1 A1398

Contact information

You can contact mlp [at] for any questions regarding this project.

This page will be updated in the future with more information regarding the project